"I invested into the Perfectly White Smile brand because I had purchased a teeth whitening machine cheaply online. I work as a mobile technician but it was hard to get clients as I had no money for marketing. With a small investment outlay I was able to be trained properly as the 2 day intensive program is key to learning the secret formula on how to get leads without spending a fortune. Now I am earning a six figure income."
Mobile Technician - Brisbane QLD
"After doing my research into the many courses available for teeth whitening I discovered that you get what you pay for. I have introduced the Perfectly White Smile formula in my Spa and with the marketing given it has been successful. When doing a course and investing in a teeth whitening system it’s important to have a marketing support system. My revenue has increased by double in the short term since we have introduced teeth whitening to our list of services."
Spa Owner - Perth WA
"I was working and slaving away in a 9-5 job lining the pockets of my employers. I was unhappy and not motivated. I decided to take up the interest free program Perfectly White Smile offers as I had little money to invest. The training course really was key to the success of my new business venture. It’s not just about learning how to whiten teeth, it’s an insight on how to plant the seed of becoming financially independent. I didn’t want to get a cheap return on my investment which is why this brand was the right fit for me. I am now able to have a disposable income and have the flexibility to work my own hours."
Mobile Technician - Brisbane QLD
"I was already performing teeth whitening treatments in my salon. The product I invested whitened well but the treatment did not last the distance. Customers were unhappy. I found Perfectly White Smile and I made an appointment for a treatment. I was surprised when Angela the company founder turns up on a Sunday to perform the treatment. Best part is there was no need to use gingival as the solution did not leave me sensitively compromised. I had the top up 6 weeks later and it’s been 15 months my teeth are still perfectly white."
Salon owner - Melbourne
"After responding to a job ad I had an interview with Angela the director. In the 1hr of my time invested I was injected with a dose of her positivity and success stories of her brand. As the world we live in is all Instagram hype I was gob smacked to discover that the company Instagram page has little followers. Prior to investing I was able to sit down with Angela and be shown financials of how the business performs. It really does prove that having Instagram followers unless your a celebrity or influencer does not make your fortune. And I definitely did not want to jump on the competition bandwagon where you get other businesses to tag you in to gain followers. I quit my job after 3 months as I started the business as a side hustle. The Perfectly White Smile secret formula does work if you follow the program meticulously. I am now earning an income that has changed my life."
Mobile Technician - Adelaide
"I quit my job after 3 months of embarking on a new business venture investing into the Perfectly White Smile business brand. It started as a side hustle but I followed all the secret formula given in the training rigorously. I hustled for 3 months and any spare time I had I invested into my business. I deleted my personal Instagram page as I was wasting my life viewing profiles that were not going to reward me for my time invested on social media. I now am on the road full time and through good old fashioned word of mouth my business has grown and I am earning a living that sees me financially afford the life I desired rather than the life I just day dreamed about."
Mobile Technician - Gold Coast
"I have invested into the Perfectly White Smile brand in my salon. I did months of research before jumping into to any new product. I was bored with the usual beauty salon treatments and earning a basic living. With too many options it did not take me long to make a decision that Perfectly White Smile was the best in the marketplace. If you don’t have a marketing plan or someone to guide you it’s pointless embarking on this type of new venture because you need to have a full time mentor. What was inspiring to me was that even with the brand being successful Australia wide the founder Angela Liberatore still has an amazing work ethic and still gets up to go to work on a Sunday morning . The ongoing support is 24/7 . They say you become who you surround yourself with and this has changed my life immensely as the turnover in my salon has tripled."
Salon owner - Perth
"Before embarking on a teeth whitening business venture I had booked a Perfectly White Smile mobile treatment first as an in home visit . My friends all had their teeth whitened with a cheaper brand at the same time than the cost of what I paid. Whilst we all had been transformed and glowing with our new pearly whites a few months post treatment I noticed that my treatment lasted the distance whilst the others did not. The saying you get what you pay for is a quote for a reason. This enabled me to make an informed decision into investing into the Perfectly White Smile business opportunity as I did not want to compromise the level of service into a new business venture. Using a cheap solution was not an option. Best part was that I had breathing space to pay off my invest interest free whilst using Angela’s secret formula to build my mini empire."
Mobile Technician - Adelaide
"I am thankful that I invested into the Perfectly White Smile business opportunity. I ran my own beauty salon and was exhausted mentally and physically. A fresh start into a mobile teeth whitening business with no overheads was the best thing I ever did. I had researched the many training options and didn’t want to do an online course or be trained by an individual with no proven business success history. Angela Liberatore the founder of Perfectly White Smile is the master trainer in developing ordinary beauty therapists and turning them into extraordinary business women. This opportunity allowed me to sell my salon and reap the rewards of an industry that is fast growing."
Mobile Technician - Brisbane
"The Perfectly White Smile business opportunity allowed me to invest into a brand with a low investment cost. I was working as an eye lash technician and my earnings were not returning much for the time I was investing. I looked into teeth whitening and there were so many options. Then I found Perfectly White Smile and discovered this brand was earning premium on their services. They simply do not compromise on their standard of using a cheap solution. The 2 day intensive training left me feeling reset with a different mindset about how to become a successful business partner using the already proven formula which is part of the Perfectly White Smile brand. I now am earning the desired income to reach my goals."
Mobile Technician - Sydney